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CYZII-3000 chest ironing machine
  • CYZII-3000 chest ironing machine
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CYZII-3000 chest ironing machine

CYZII-3000 is an iorning machine which is different from flatwork ironing machine,it has the followed advantages,the most difference is it is chest ironing which could increase the ironing effiency greatly.



Charateristcs and advantage:

1.Adopts imported spring .adjust pressing force according

2.Unique gearing-down structure which makes steady rotation and convenient fluctuation can guarantee speed and smoothness of linen .

3.Efficient Desiccation and Air Discharging can discharge air which comes in the evaporation process to guarantee that the chest body is dry and be able to dry linen.

4.Limitless frequency control,function self-checking and single electrical machinery gear box makes steady movement and adapts each kind of different line

5. Chest adopts unique hard ,smooth craft processing to achieve the ideal ironing effect.

6.Be able to connect with any feeding folder.

 7.The intelligent computer ;touch switch ;Multi-spot temperature ;Ironing speed ;Screen demonstrate of working routine.

 8.Main Component adopts product of stable ,delicate ,advanced brand to ensure the safety and reliability service for this chest ironing machine



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